How to stop caring for the person you were in love with

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How to stop caring for the person you were in love with

When you fall in love with someone, you limit your world to your partner. As a result when the relationship is over the person lose his or her crucial part of life. The end result of it is loneliness and heartache. Despite your best attempts the feeling of pain still persists. One more thing that happens when the relationship is over, you still care for them. Caring for someone when he or she is no longer in your life is not just pointless, it is also very painful when the feelings are not reciprocated. Therefore, it is important to know how not to care for someone you loved once. (Also read: What is the difference between love and just attachment)

Many people make the mistake of not even accepting the fact that the relationship is over. They keep on caring for their partner like before. So, it is important to accept the condition you are living in. You must understand that relationship has reached its end.

Delete the number
When you are scrolling your contact list you will eventually stumble up your ex’s contact number. In that condition, you will feel the urge to call him or her to talk. This is why you must delete the number instantly. (Also read: Why Pillow talk is so important in a relationship)

Keep yourself busy
An empty mind entertains negative and futile thoughts. So, instead of thinking if your ex had the lunch or not, keep yourself busy. Learn a new skill, take up a hobby, focus on your career. Basically, do anything to keep yourself busy.

Stop stalking on social media
When you keep following your ex on social media it shows that you still want to take care of him or her. This will simply hurt you in the long run.

Meet new people
When something old is broken, it must be replaced by something new and better. So socialize, meet new people and keep yourself happy.  (Also read: What are the absolutely valid reasons for a breakup)

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