How to seduce your partner with the magic of your words

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How to seduce your partner with the magic of your words

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Women take a lot of time to get into the mood. They need great efforts to go with the flow of the moment. They have a strong imagination power but that needs to hit right at. Women can’t just go on their own to become naughty and get wooed. So, all you men out their, be chivalric and seduce her with your words. Not every time a woman longs for a touch, she wants to make alive her imagination so that she can get into the mood. It doesn’t mean talking dirty will arouse a woman. Choosing the right set of words to woo her is what makes you man enough! However, all the women are different in a way or other, so be cautious while you try this trick out! (Also read: Is your partner having an emotional affair)

How to seduce your partner with the magic of your words?

Low your voice tone: While you are talking to her or complimenting her in a crowd, you don’t have to be at the top of your voice. You don’t have to make her embarrass by shouting it to the whole group of people around you. Instead, keep your voice low. You can murmur the same into her ears. This will bring an intimacy between the two of you.

Try to know her more: When you think you know your girl, it’s the time they surprise you with something new about themselves. So, try to know your girl, as much as you can. Learn about their fantasies, their wild dreams, their perfect dates etc. The more you know them, the more you come closer to them and fulfil their wishes. (Also read: What are the non sexual things that make you look more attractive and sexy)

Avoid talking about appearance: You can’t seduce any woman by talking about her appearance. It may leave you into a negative picture and will not make you stand out from the rest of the people. Try to avoid talking about the appearance completely. You can compliment her for what she is, not how is her body. Get into witty conversations and show her that she is worthy of it!

Make her feel comfortable: Make your girl feel comfortable about what she talks and thinks about. All the girls usually like to get naughty but they hesitate. Well, you have to assure her that going naughty with you, is not her mistake. She can speak what she wants and acts the way she feels like. It will remain between the two of you.

Try to get closer but don’t touch her: Lean close towards her but don’t touch her. Get to know her better with conversations, not the touch. Also, make a move closer to her more than a friend but beware, don’t touch her. Let that affection and intimate feeling come to her from her side only. (Also read: What are the benefits of dating a sensitive man rather than choosing a macho man)

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