How to seduce your partner in the right manner

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How to seduce your partner in the right manner

Seducing your partner is one of the most difficult tasks. Wooing a girl is something very tricky and you have to be right at it. A slight inappropriate move can make her hate you. So, you have to be wise and should make the right move. Building up a great chemistry is one of the primary steps to build a bond with her. Once you both have a great chemistry, it all becomes the matter of signs then. You have to act smart and be a dominant partner if you want to make the first move in seducing your partner. You have to make her comfortable enough that she submits herself on the basis of trust. Besides this, remember not every girl likes a good guy, so don’t overdo anything. (Also read: What is the toughest phase of married life for a couple)

How to seduce your partner in the right manner?

Think yourself as the best: If you will underestimate yourself, then no one will realise your real worth. Think of yourself as the best and do the rest. Carry that confidence in you. Don’t overdo anything, just let it come out naturally. You are no less than others, so flaunt it in your actions.

Don’t be fake: Be as genuine as you can. Faking anything in front of her will make a weird change in your actions and reactions. She can easily make out when you are real and when you are fake. Trust us, fake reactions are the biggest turn off for a girl. (Also read: How to make your man love you more each day)

Don’t be anxious: Don’t be anxious while you are in public. Those group of people should not matter to you. If you like a girl and want to make the first move, then you should be confident enough and should not step back. Nervousness is quite natural but don’t let it reflect on your face. Maintain eye contact and make way to her heart.

Show your best qualities: Afterall it’s all a game to impress. So, show your best actions and habits. Try to impress her with the best of you and win her heart. Start the conversation and make her feel comfortable. Show her your gentleman skills and make her make a move towards you.

Don’t lean in too much: If you have just started the conversation, don’t lean too much into her. It looks too clingy and makes her feel uncomfortable. So, try to be at a respectable distance in the beginning and then gradually with time when you both find comfort, show her some signs through your actions. (Also read: How to make your conversation interesting over text)

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