How To Please Your Man Sexually That He Will Crave For You More

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How To Please Your Man Sexually And Crave For You more

Love is not just about trust and happiness. Yes! These things are the base of a relationship but besides this, a sexual attraction and lust are also needed. If a relationship is emotionally very strong but there is a lack of physical satisfaction and attraction, your relationship cannot last long. Because you can not deny the fact that every human being has a certain amount of interest and need in his/her sexual life. You can drive a man crazy for you by showing him some interesting sexual moves. This can make your relationship go stronger and your man will crave for you every day. So, let’s just have a look at these amazing things to please him sexually. (Also Read: Things You Should Avoid Saying Before Kissing Your Partner)

Do you know about his fantasies?
Have you ever tried to know about your man’s fantasies? Most of the man likes to apply his fantasies with his lady love in the bedroom. So, try to recall what he likes to do more. You can even directly ask him about this but many men are not open about this and they feel kind of awkward to talk about this. So, you try to find out his favourite moments and you try to make it better for the next time.

How about taking the lead at times?
Being bossy in the bed can make the man go crazy for you. Pushing him back to the bed and take the control of the things can be really great. You may not know but a man loves to feel a little dominated when it comes to leading the sexual activities. Once you do this to him in the bed, we bet he will enjoy this and will want you, again and again, doing the same. (Also Read: What Are The Amazing Things Your Boyfriend Do To Turn Your Relationship Into A Fairy Tale)

If it comes to make love outside the bedroom, how about it?
Having physical intercourse inside the bedroom is great, even it the most convenient place to have the ultimate fun. But, isn’t it better to roam outside the bedroom and found him looking at you with utmost pleasure? You can drive him crazy in the kitchen while making his favourite salad or prepare some snacks for him. Other than that, the best option can be the couch in the corner and bathroom.

Your sizzling outfit to impress him:
If your man loves lingeries or short dresses, do not give a second thought. Invest some money in these exotic clothes and make him feel like you are the one for him. Your fantasizing clothes can be his favourite thing to pull off. So, find out his likes and dislikes according to your favourite colour. (Also Read: What Are The Things Your Man Secretly Hopes You Tell Him)

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