How to overcome the pain of losing a best friend

How to overcome the pain of losing a best friend

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Friends are the family we chose for yourself. They are the true benefactors and soulmates, whom we want in our life. Friends are the most inseparable beings of our life. But there comes a time when the misunderstandings grow and we have to part our ways from our friends. Losing a best friend is the worst pain in life. Someone with whom we share our secrets, pain, dreams, fantasies and many more things is actually close to our heart. You invest so much time being friends with someone, but the person just kicks you off from the life and moves on. It becomes utmost difficult to gather yourself again and come back to the track. (Also read: What are the personality traits in a girl that usually attracts a guy)

How to overcome the pain of losing a best friend?

Don’t think a lot about it: You often turn to your best friend when you have to share your grief or the secret with but what to do in the case when you lose your best friend? It is a very bad feeling of not having him by your side when you need him the most. The loss is severe but doesn’t think about it much as it will only hurt you.

Don’t blame yourself: Stop blaming yourself. Whatever happened had to happen! You should come out of it as soon as possible. You were not solely responsible for the same. Some relationships are not in our hands, thus we have to let them go if they are too easy to slip from the hands. (Also read: How to ignore a guy if you want to end all connections with him)

Don’t speak ill of anyone: No matter if your friend has left you, don’t speak ill of him. There have been times when you were together and living the life to the fullest. There are certain things in our life, which are beyond our control, so stop thinking about them. By bad-mouthing them you will only abuse your own relationship and bond with them. So become too wicked to abuse them.

Be okay to be alone: Yes, we all need a friend to share our things and hang out with. But it’s okay to be alone at times. You also need some space for self-introspection. Spend someone time alone and be friends with yourself. Know about you, shake hands with yourself, smile and move on. Don’t be dependent on others for your happiness.

Learn from your bad experience: We all make some mistakes in life and it’s okay to do so. But learn a lesson for a lifetime from the mistake you commit. Don’t just keep on repeating your mistake again and again. Give yourself a chance but don’t be a fool again. Keep your mind and eyes open. Don’t depend on anyone for your happiness and don’t get too attached to someone. (Also read: What are the most effective ways to make your boyfriend feel secure)

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