How to make your girlfriend feel secure while she is going over needy

How to make your girlfriend feel secure while she is going over needy

Yes, it’s true, dealing with someone needy becomes very difficult in a relationship. When a girlfriend becomes needy and insecure, she is capable enough to scratch life out of you. Being a boyfriend, you can’t tolerate this for a long time and think about leaving her. But wait! Has your girlfriend been this way ever since you started dating? No! It’s all about the time and few issues that have taken birth between you two! You being the understanding guy, has to clear out things and make your girlfriend feel secure. Remember, today she is insecure, but with time you might also become insecure. So support your partner and make them feel loved is what you need to do right now. (Also read: How to give hints to your boyfriend to propose you with a ring)

How to make your needy girlfriend feel sure again?

Fulfil the promises you made: Before getting annoyed of her behaviour You should try to find out the reason behind her insecurity and neediness. She might be acting like a silent spectator for a long time now, but your ignorance might have made her lose her calm. Recall all teh promises you made to her. Are you keeping them well? If not, then it’s time you should mend your behaviour and keep your promises.

Make her a part of your world: Make her feel she is a part of you and your world. If you will not engage her in your activities or will not share things with her, she is bound to think negative. She will feel the distance growing between you two. So, keep her engaged in your life. Tell her about your day, ask her about her day. LOve is all about sharing and caring. Show that you are the one! (Also read: Why is it important to send a good morning text to the person you love)

Be patient: Patience is the best solution to all the major messes in life. Losing temper and going to the extreme end is no good, While you both love each other, you both are equally responsible for keeping up the relationship. if something is going wrong, wait, take a pause and try to be patient. Deal with it calmly.

Communicate and take the responsibility: If you understand the problem, then you have to solve it. Take the responsibility for your relationship and try to sort the things out. A girl’s insecurity is the biggest fear of her life. She wants to be assured of the person she is spending her life with. So be the one worth it! Talk to her and sort out the matter. Your communication is the key to solve a million problems arising between you two! Chuck those problems!

Compliment her: She will feel happy with the minute things you notice about her. Compliment for the new dress she is wearing or the new haircut she has taken. These small things will make her feel you are interested in her and have not lost your love. Make her feel beautiful!

Remember, she is not crazy: She is your love. She is the one you choose. Remember, she is not crazy, it’s all the matter of time that she is behaving like this. Don’t make her feel insane. She hasn’t been like this forever, there are some actions that lead her into this state. The fear of losing you has made her like this. So, be loving and patient while dealing with her needy behaviour. (Also read: How to make a guy love you while you make no compromise to change yourself)

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