How to make your conversation interesting over text

How to make your conversation over text interesting

Texting over the phone has to be interesting otherwise the person loses the interest. Especially if you are talking to your crush or the girl you are planning to date, then it must be right at the spot. She should find it interesting and be indulging instead of an interview round with her. Sometimes, people are too straightforward or direct messages that it leaves the other person in an awkward situation. So, make sure you know the right trick to make her engaged with you in the conversation. We all know that one can make a great connection over an interesting conversation, so use this chance wisely. (Also read: What qualities in a man make him an ideal guy for marriage)

How to make your conversation over text interesting?

Avoid the mainstream things: Instead of sending Hi or Hey to the person you want to talk closely, start your conversation interestingly. Talk about something which leaves excitement to another person as well. Maybe you can refer to a series of show you both love to watch. Or it can be about her favourite hang out place.

Initiate the conversation with a question: Start the conversation with a question. Make her eager to answer. A conversation initiated with a question leads to long interesting chat. A conversation which is engaging makes a person feel important to take it forward! (Also read: Why do women take a step back when you try to get closer to them)

Try to know more about the person: If you want to know more about someone, then you should not hesitate to ask questions. Trying to know about the person is not a bad thing. Ask questions, tell about yourself and make the person realise that you are actually making an effort. Show interest to her and give her your attention.

Use emojis in between the messages: Lack of emoticons often make the conversation boring. So, use appropriate emotions while you send a message to your crush. It should be meaningful and not a made up one. Unnecessary use of emojis often leads to annoyance. Use it but use it with caution.

Talk about their interest areas: Talking becomes easy when you talk about someone’s interest and favourite topics. The other person will find good in talking to you and will enjoy the conversation. It could be either inspirational stories, confidence boosting stories, love interests, favourite movie etc. that the person is passionate about. They will automatically become inclined towards you. (Also read: How to take a break for a while when you are in a relationship)

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