How to make an ideal choice between the two lovers

How to make an ideal choice between the two lovers

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Life sometimes gives us tough choices. Do you also feel that you have to make tough choices? Well, choosing the right one out the two lovers is indeed a difficult call. You have to make a practical analysis of everything to choose the guy for yourself. It’s not selfish but a smart move! Though you are lucky that you have been loved by many but trust us you are in great trouble as well. You might be feeling for both the lovers, choosing one might hurt you. But this is how life is! You can’t be with both of them at one time. So, you need to take a call now and opt for the best. (Also read: What are the signs that indicate you are ready to move in together)

How to make an ideal choice between the two lovers?

Know both of them deeply: You can’t just make a choice by choosing one side of the coin. So, get to know each of the partners carefully and deeply. Read their behavioural patterns. It’s not just how well they treat you but also how do they respond to others and how well they behave in public. It will help you to make a right choice.

For sometime keep the physical contact aside: Choosing the partner does not mean you will go for someone who is physically attractive only. Life is more beyond the beauty of face and a muscular body. It is about your entire life, so just don’t judge someone on the basis of looks. Choose wisely! (Also read: Is updating a relationship status on social media only means true love)

Think about your future: You must think about your future while choosing your partner. Can you stay by his side throughout your life? You have to make a clever decision. Do you see yourself secure with him for the rest of life and would you like to stay that way without any compromises?

Notice how you behave in front of them: Do you feel comfortable while you are around them? Are you your real self when you are around him? This is how you can read your behaviour. How do you behave while you are with him, tells a lot about your bond and relationship! Can you be the actual you without any hesitation?

Does your lifestyle match: Though this is bit materialistic, you definitely have to think about your lifestyle too. Do you both belong to same lifestyle pattern? Are you making compromises? If yes, then is it worth it? The way we spend our life decides a lot about the type of guy we want to be with. So, keep your eyes and ears open!

Think about your family: Your family too plays an important role in your life. Make wise choices that do not go against the wish of your family. You can never be happy by hurting others. So, reconsider the choice you are making. Think by being at their place. They want you to be safe and secure with anyone you choose for yourself.

How do you feel for them: This should be one of the prior basis on which you should make a choice. Don’t make your life a compromise. If you feel slightly more for one than the other, then go for him! If you are not ashamed of yourself and are confident enough about you when you are by his side, he is the one for you! Go for him! (Also read: How to overcome the pain of losing a best friend)

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