How to make a girl feel jealous

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How to make a girl feel jealous

Making the woman understand is a bit difficult task. Most of the times, they themselves are unaware of what they want. If you like some girl, then it is difficult to find out whether she also likes you or not. If she also likes you then she will not accept this thing herself. She will try to make you confess your love and come close to them. However, if you want to make them feel jealous, you must try to do certain things. Try to ignore them a bit so that they realise their love for you. Let’s discuss how you can make a girl feel jealous. (Also read: What are the various things that every woman like to have on a first date)

How to make a girl feel jealous?

Give attention and ignore: This is the best way that helps to make the girl jealous. Give them some attention and show your interest in them. This will make them attracted towards you. Compliment them and make them happy. When you will not pay attention to them, they will eventually feel bad and jealous.

Compliment other girls: If the girl you like is surrounded by other girls too, then you should compliment those girls. Compliment them that their dress is nice, hair is perfect, she is looking beautiful etc. This will make the girl you like, feel jealous. (Also read: Most amazing and intimating ways to come closer to your partner)

Talk with them about other girls: When you like someone and talk with them about other girls, they feel jealous. Tell them the things you like and dislike about other girls. Tease them with little tricks like saying that you love their company. This will make them jealous. They will thus try to be cool in front of you.

Ignore their message and calls: Stay active on social media and talk to other girls. However, if you like someone, try to ignore their messages and calls. She will eventually feel jealous and will try to come closer to you.

Post your pictures with other girls on social media: If you are going to hang out somewhere outside, you must click pictures. Make sure you get the pictures clicked with other girls too. However, you must post the picture with other girls instead of the girl you like. This will make her jealous when she will not get the required attention from you. (Also read: How to know if the kiss meant something serious or was just a casual one)

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