How To know That Your Partner is Double Dating You

How To know That Your Partner is Double Dating You


Getting the right partner is something very difficult these days. There are many cases where a long-term relationship got over because of cheating and double dating factor. You may not know that your partner is dating someone else at the same time he or she is dating you. Your partner is playing with both the hearts he/she is dating with. There are some straight cut signs which suggest that your partner is double dating you. So, we are here to let you know the signs. Hence, let’s have a look at these following signs:
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He/she denies you to take you to the places where their other partner stays:
If your partner is double dating, then they never take you to the places where their another partner lives. Taking, you to those places can be risky and there may be a chance of getting caught red-handed. So, you have to keep a track whether they want to take you to those places or not.

They restrict your entry to their places:
Is this so? Do you have a restrict entry to her/his place? Make sure you know the real reason why you can not come to there places. They may have told you that they have a messed up house or they live with their parents and all. Are you sure that they are not hiding stuff of their other partners? Hope you are clever enough. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Say That Your Partner Is Using You)

The intention of hiding love messages:
Have you ever saw what are the features they have on their phone? If they are double dating or cheating on you, they never let you even touch their phone. They may keep getting love messages from the other partners. Hence, it is obvious that if you check those messages, they can not contradict themselves.

They never put any of your pictures on their social media page:
They never put any pictures on social media where you are present. In short, they do not want to make your relationship public. You are like a hidden mystery in their life. Now you better understand these tricks. You should leave a person like this ASAP. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest That Your Girlfriend Only Needs Your Money)

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