How To Know That A Girl Wants You To Make The First Move

How To Know That A Girl Is Attracted Towards You And Wants The First Move

Approaching a girl and making the first move is always a nerve wrecking task for guys. Though it is not havoc task, the girl would not shy away if she really likes you. In short, girls have a medium of signs to show her affection or interest in you. All you need is to read it correctly and make a move accordingly.

It might not ensure you a complete success, but yes you don’t have to stumble through anymore.

Here are few signs she wants you to make a move:

Her eyes do the talking: Not that she will stare at you with Hawk’s eyes but she will make sure, she has that soft sight for you. She will watch out all your actions. If a girl is into you, she can not miss a chance of not noticing you while you are busy with others. Her eyes will speak louder than her actions.

Her body language changes: She will behave a little weird when you are around if she really likes you. She will become conscious of her looks and all her actions. You can notice a sudden change in her body language. The girl will either ignore you as if she has not seen you or will touch herself hair again and again.

She will fumble with her words: She won’t be able to talk to you properly. Either she will feel shy or will become ignorant. She might fumble or keep explaining herself to you if she has fallen for you.

The girl wants to know every bit of you: A girl who is interested in you would love to know every bit and inch about you. She will be keen in knowing your whereabouts and the minutest of details. Right from your background to how your day was! She will turn into a curious head.

She might want you to get close enough: If she is really into you, she would give you signs to come closer. It’s human, whenever we are attracted to someone, we long for that one touch. However, we don’t go vocal about it. Showing it in actions is what we believe in!

She would want you to know about her: She will open up before you. The girl would love to share her feelings and experiences with you. She wants your complete attention and would enjoy your presence like none other.

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