How to know if it is love or just friendship

How to know if it is love or just friendship

Friendship and love are often intertwingled with each other. For some people, friendship comes first and then it might change into love. However, this also leads to major confusion as people start wondering that whether they are in love or it is just a feeling of friendship. There is a clear difference between friendship and love. So, if you are confused between the two there are few signs and ways that can help you to understand if it is friendship or love. Let’s find out! (Also read: What are the signs that you are in a fake relationship)

Introspect your feelings
It is obvious that we care for our friends in a special way, but that is not the case with love. So, take time and introspect your feeling about the person. Do you feel jealous if he or she talks about someone else? Do you want to be alone with that person? Think of these question and you’ll have your answer!

How your body responds
When you have strong feelings for someone, you feel differently. You blush in his or her presence, your heartbeat rises and you turn nervous. However, in case of friendship you are completely at ease. (Also read: What are the worst excuses guys make while breaking up and what do they mean)

In case of friendship, you don’t feel jealous when your friend decides to spend time with his or her friends. However, when you have romantic feelings you feel overprotective and jealous at the same time.

Way of talking
Between two friends the way of talking is different. It is more carefree and full of jokes. However, in case of love, the way of talking is more intimate and personal. You feel the need to connect and get involved with the other person.

Time alone
When you are friends with someone the time alone is causal and full of frank conversation. That is not the same in case of love as you try to win over the other person. You are simply conscious at that time. (Also read: How to end a toxic friendship right away)

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