How to keep romance alive after having kids

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How to keep romance alive after having kids

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It is often seen that once a couple turns into parents, their love life suffers the most. It happens because after the arrival of the baby the responsibilities and way of living changes. For example, now you and your partner cannot take a spontaneous trip or stay up the whole night just talking. Having a child is a wonderful feeling, but it should not harm your married life. If you fail to acknowledge this issue then it will create a problem in your married life in future. So, it is important to learn the tricks and ways that will keep the spark alive in the marriage after having a child.

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Night dates
It often happens that parents forget to take out some time for themselves. However, this is not good for you two. So, the best option for this is night dates. Take some time to reconnect and share special moments with each other. It will impact your relationship in a positive manner. You don’t have to plan anything elaborate just find something you both enjoy and have your moments.

Give your partner importance
If you stop giving importance to your partner after having a baby then it will lead to conflicts and issues. Remember that your partner needs you as well and it is important to be there for him or her as well. It is understandable that you think that your child needs you a lot, but show love to your partner too.

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Be their partner, not their mother
When you start the journey of motherhood you turn into a maternal person. This doesn’t mean you’ll start parenting your partner too. Be there for him as his friend and his life partner not as his mother. Stop treating him like a child and bring out the lover’s vibes in the marriage.

Stop comparing
Often parents have an argument about who is putting in more efforts. You both are dedicated to your kid’s best interest, you are a team. So, don’t make it a competition and work together, not against each other.

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