How to impress a girl over a phone call

How to impress a girl over a phone call

Talking to a girl over a phone for the first time makes a guy quite anxious. There goes around thousands of things in his mind regarding his first ever phone call to that special person. Well, we all are well acquainted with the phrase – First impression is the last impression, make it a count! There is nothing to be afraid of while talking to a girl, she ain’t a high school master who would scold you for anything. Don’t consider it a battle but take it lightly.

Let’s take a look as to how one should talk to a girl over phone for the first time:

Make a call for a reason: To call for the first time, play it a bit clever. Find out a genuine reason to call her, this won’t give an impression of her that you are being desperate. No matter what the reason is, but should not be a vague one. Show her that you have called her for a person and then take the call, a step ahead. (Also read: Why do the nicest people get hurt the most)

Jot down points to talk about: If you are on your nerves to call her and are really confused about what to talk to, go easily by jotting down the points and taking them up one after the other. Though this isn’t much useful but it will give you a frame to mold the conversation. (Also read: What are the signs suggesting that you are in a right relationship)

Make the girl comfortable: Don’t act as a complete stranger to while talking to a girl. Make her feel comfortable, show her that you ain’t an unknown person. Stop being a creep and behave like a gentleman even over a phone call. Once a girl feels that she is comfortable talking to you, you have won one step. You can then take your conversation ahead and can about anything you want.

Don’t get over excited: Sometimes we commit major mistakes while we are over excited. Give that feeling of excitement of talking to that special girl a pause. You may speak out that you should not while being crazy. Don’t show her for the first time, how long you have been waiting for this moment. Just go easy!

Greet her warmly:
It’s a basic courtesy that one should follow while talking to everyone but take a little extra care while talking to a girl. Introduce yourself and convey the purpose of the call for the first time. Keep your pitch low and show no signs of hesitation or nervousness.

Be a good listener: Don’t be outspoken or blunt. Let the other person should also say. A conversation always involves two people, keep that in mind. Just don’t be the one who only speaks, be the one who listens as well. After all, it’s well said – It takes a great man to be a good listener!

Ask Questions: It’s the most experimented way of carrying forward a conversation. Asking questions makes your conversation an ongoing process. That does not mean take her interview. Ask it in a way that she shall answer and involve yourself in making it a prolong thing.

The End should be the best:
What will leave an impact on her mind would be how well you ended the conversation. Do it with grace! It’s perfectly fine if you are ending the call from your end. Let her say a goodbye and you too wish her goodbye. It will convey how well you end a call in a gentle manner.

Besides the above-mentioned point, the only key for the good conversation is to go with the flow without crossing your limits. Let her reciprocate to what you have asked. Be wise and gentle and keep your ego and unwanted attitude aside.

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