How to ignore a guy if you want to end all connections with him

How to ignore a guy if you want to end all connections with him

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There are times when it becomes difficult for a girl to make the guy understand that she is not interested. It becomes extremely irritating for a girl to deal with the same. Their creepy actions and habits make the girl really pissed off. No matter, how many times, you have told him that you have no interest in him but he won’t leave any stone unturned. Thus, it becomes extremely important for a girl, to take strict actions against that guy and ignore him to the fullest. Some guys can’t understand the trouble they are causing to someone by forcing themselves upon a girl. So, girls, it’s high time when you need to take a step forward and make them realise it isn’t worth anymore. (Also read: How to make your girlfriend feel secure while she is going over needy)

How to ignore a guy if you want to end all connections with him:

Ignore his texts: Do not reply to his texts. Ignore them completely. Even if he blackmails you with his stupid things, do not melt. Let him do what he wants. There is no need to show any kind of affection to someone who is troubling you. A slight affection form you, might give him wrong hints. So, be brave!

Block his number: If you have given him warnings and he is still calling, again and again, you should block his number. Never answer his phone calls and respond to his messages instead just block him. (Also read: What are the things girls should not do to seek attention from guys)

Breaks contact with his friends too: You should take a complete off from his friends too. If you both have a mutual connection or a friend, just try to maintain some distance for few days or maybe even longer. Otherwise, it might give him false hopes about being in contact with you. He might even plan something to meet you with coincidence.

Block him from social media: You should block him from all the social media platforms. You should try to hide your whereabouts so that he can’t gather any information about you at any cost. He might try to talk to you or connect with you through social media. So, blocking is the only option you have!

Involve elders if required: If his stalking has crossed all limits and it has gone beyond your control, then it’s a time when you should seek help from your parents or maybe friends. Addressing such stalkers is necessary. You can even file a complaint against him. But try to sort out the things at your end first. But don’t hesitate to talk to your parents if a guy is troubling you. (Also read: How To Know That A Girl Wants You To Make The First Move)

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