How to get a girl to text you back

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How to get a girl to text you back

Today the ways of wooing a girl have changed and evolved. Now your texting skills are equally important to make her interested in you. However, often it happens that you are left with “seen message” and the girl you like never replies to you. It can be little difficult to understand how to make sure that your conversation over text keeps going on. When you chatting via texts you only have your words to win over your crush. In that case, it is important that you know of some tricks and ways to make sure that the girl you like texts you back! (Also read: Why dating too much can harm your love life)

Don’t message her constantly
This is something every guy needs to know and remember by heart. Don’t message a girl constantly. This only shows that you are desperate for her reply. Nothing pushes away a girl faster than constant poking. Give her time to see your message!

Don’t come off too strong
Guys usually think that excessive flattery will assure a reply. It hardly works in real life. When you drop an elaborate text it shows that you are trying too hard. Be sweet when you text her, instead of being too outspoken.

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Ask about her
It is easy to get a conversation started using question. You can simply drop a text asking about her day or completely random question like ‘What is your favourite colour’. This will pipe up her interest in the in conversation and she will surely reply to you.

Make her laugh
When you are texting a girl, it gives you plenty of time and chance to come up with witty and amusing replies. So, do that. Make sure you make her smile or laugh using words only. Any girl will find it hard to resist an interesting guy.

Don’t reply late
It can be very annoying if you take a long while to reply. If you do that then maybe she won’t be interested in replying to you.

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