How To Find If You Are In A Committed Relationship

How To Find If You Are In A Committed Relationship

Love is beautiful! Being in love is one of the fantastic feelings one can ever go through. When you are in love, you seem to have a wide smile on the face every time. Love is a sea whose depth can never be measured and so you cannot find how much you love your partner. These days you hardly find committed relationships as there are flings, one night stands and so on. But, there are some facts which can let you know if you are in a committed relationship or not. So, take a read below and rekindle the love. [Also Read: What qualities in a man make him an ideal guy for marriage]

You Get Excited With Future Plans:

When you are in a committed relationship you get excited when you see your partner with you in future. You tend to think of marriage, family, sharing, caring and so on. Hence, the sight of it in your mind makes you feel ‘awe’.

You Handle Ups and Downs Together:

Whatever the situation is, be it a good or a bad one, you guys are together. You both never let each other face the crisis alone and are always ready to enjoy the happy moments. The ups and downs are handled wisely.

You Are Addicted To Each Other:

Be it whatever hour of the day, you feel missing. You want your partner by your side. You have an addiction to stay close. The world seems incomplete without them and you are always looking at the clock as to when you will see each other next. Thus, if this is the case then congratulations! on being in a committed relationship. [Also Read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is bored of you]

You Cannot Afford Lack Of Communication:

The distance between you guys is breathtaking. Even if you guys have fought, you cannot resist talking to each other for long. Lack of communication makes you restless and whatever the situation is, you patch up easily.

You Both Are Extremely Supportive:

When it comes to supporting you are always there for your partner. You become their strength and make them yours whenever a tough situation arises. Hence, if this and above-mentioned scenarios are present in your love then be sure that you are in a committed relationship. [Also Read: How To Find A Better Person To Love]

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