How to end a toxic friendship right away

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How to end a toxic friendship right away

Friendship is a beautiful relationship. It is considered to be an everlasting and deep bond between two people. However, this doesn’t mean that every friendship is adding to your happiness. Sometimes, your friend is the one that is bringing toxic emotions in your life. Such friend might claim to be your well-wishers but in reality, they are nothing less than your foes. In such situation, the important question that comes to everyone’s mind is how to end a toxic friendship. Like any unhealthy relationship, it is important to end things before they start putting you down and snatching your rightful happiness. Let’s find out how to end an unhealthy or toxic friendship. (Also read: What are the surprising things men find attractive in a woman)

Confront the issue
It is important to confront the problem as it the first step of the getting rid of it. So, take your time to figure out why are you feeling so negative about the person. Understand how he or she is harming your mental well being. Only then you will be able to prepare yourself to end the bond.

Talk to other friends
It is important to know the opinion of others as well. So, talk to your friends about your emotions and see how they react to it or how they think of the decision. Your true well wisher will never give you a wrong suggestion.(Also read: How to keep him interested after gaining his attention)

Talk to the person
It is important that you don’t run away from the issue and the person. Simply talk to that person. Pick a public setting to avoid drama and other problems. Sit down with him or her and address your feeling about the whole friendship and your emotions.

Speak honestly and firmly
It is important, to be honest with the person and stand on your ground at the same time. The chances are that person will try to feed on your insecurities and turn the issue around. So, be blunt and stay firm.

Don’t look back
When you are ending a toxic friendship, the important thing to remember is to end it all. Don’t leave out chances for reconciliation. Once you are done, make sure it stays like that. (Also read: What are the things that you can gift to your partner in the coming year)

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