How To Deal With An Evil Ex-Boyfriend

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How To Deal With An Evil Ex-Boyfriend

Breakups are always pathetic. Many people suffer from mental health issues during this time. Ending a relationship involves many emotions, pain and sufferings. After break up, the memories keep wandering in your mind. This leads to various mental issues like anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy etc. Many people can not take this pain and they start reacting in negative ways such as suicide, self-harm or the determination of taking revenge. These things can make anyone chase your badly and increase the revenge feeling more against you. Hence, we are here to advise you to do some small things which will keep your safe from your evil ex-boyfriend. Here are some dealing tips. (Also Read: Why Hugging Is Important In A Relationship)

Your safety is on your hand:
If your ex is evil, you have to make sure you break all the contacts and connections with him. Block his numbers, his social media profiles from everywhere. Do not encourage any of his tantrums. He may try to convince you but do not meet to talk to him as he is evil from his mind now. Dodge everything he is trying to do so that it can help you for future actions. Do not walk alone near his assess area.

Keep yourself calm and do not reciprocate to his actions: 
He may try to provoke you this time more. He knows what are your weak points. So, do not reciprocate to his actions. If you also start reacting, he will get a chance to do anything against you. Your unforthcoming behaviour will keep you stay safe. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Say You Have Serious Chemistry With Your Partner)

Inform your family member s about him:
Do not try to deal with him alone. Inform your family member about his evil behaviours. You never know when and how he may try to cause harm to you. Informing your family will help you throughout. It is always better to stay protected.

Do not let his fear make your mental health worse:
It is natural that your mental state will be in ruins this time. But make sure you do not overthink about his activities much. This will certainly harm you in the worst ways possible.

Take legal actions:
As you have to stay safe, so do not take any risk. You take some legal help. You can submit one FIR against him. Other than that, you can choose to take help from women’s helpline. These will make his stay in his limits. Moreover, your safety will be government’s responsibility. (Also Read: What Are The Things Say That You And Your Partner Are Ready To Get Married)

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