How to deal with a partner who is too aggressive

How to deal with a partner who is too aggressive

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We all know that opposite attracts. Usually, in every relationship, there is an aggressive partner and a submissive one. Handling an aggressive partner is the toughest job for anyone. Their flare of anger is too high that they can do anything for the same. It leaves the other partner in a confused state whether to deal with anger or to give upon the partner. Dealing with an aggressive partner is not easy. Sometimes you will have to be patient while other times, you will have to take a complete break off from them. Their anger attacks and mood swings are so unpredictable that you will end up landing in confusion zone. But where’s there’s love, it is worth fighting for. (Also read: Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful)

Here are some tips to handle an aggressive partner:

Try to address the real issue: Sometimes the passive aggression is the cause of some previous actions. Some things and issues just accumulate in mind and burst out very aggressively. Try to address the real cause of anger and talk about it. Identify what is troubling your partner.

Try to avoid into heated conflicts: The easiest way to provoke someone to get into conflict is to argue. But no, that’s not what we are aiming at. Aim to lighten up the situation. Do not get into argument or any hateful discussion. Keep yourself calm and try to talk peacefully. (Also read: What are the things girls should not do to seek attention from guys

Try to work on the problem together: Your partner might be right. There might be a problem with something. But obviously, his way of expression might not be good. Thus look out for the problem together and find a solution for it. Do not just complain and reach no solution. Afterall you aim at solving the problem.

Do not reciprocate in anger: Anger can’t be fought with anger. It can be only be dealt with patience and love. If your partner is angry, do not go in revenge mode and reciprocate the same. Instead be patient, let the mood settle and then talk. Express what you feel and try to sort out the matter.

Acknowledge what your partner is saying: Sometimes being heard is the only medicine people need. Show your partner that you understand the cause and listening to what he is trying to say. This will actually serve as a therapy.

Do what your partner likes: For that particular moment when your partner is too aggressive, listen! Try to do things what your partner likes. Show a smile and try to cheer him up. Do not become an annoyed cat yourself. A lot of love and little patience is all you need if your partner is aggressive. (Also read: What Does The Couples Do To Keep Their Relationship Strong)

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