How to compliment your partner in the most genuine way

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How to compliment your partner in the most genuine way

Being in a relationship is a journey or a ride, it is not about reaching a set destination. To make this journey meaningful and lovely, both you and your partner need to make some efforts. When the term efforts come into your mind, you must be thinking about over the top romantic gestures.However, a simple compliment from your end is enough to make your partner feel happy for the entire day. It is important to understand that your compliments should be genuine and meaningful. Otherwise, it appears that you are being sarcastic or your compliments are fake. Therefore, it is important to know as to how to compliment your partner in a right way. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner is taking you for granted)

“Good job”
When you ask your partner’s help with something, he or she certainly tries his or her best to help you. So, it important that you appreciate your partner’s efforts in simple words. It will show that you value their efforts and you are indeed grateful towards them.

“You are so intelligent”
Everyone wants to be more than just a pretty face. Same is the case with your partner. So, it is important that you show them that you are not just chasing after a beautiful face. Whenever you get a chance, you can compliment your partner on their intelligence.(Also read: What are the signs that you should propose to your crush)

“You are so beautiful/handsome”
Even when you have been in a relationship with your partner for a really long, you can not forget to appreciate their beauty. Make sure your compliments are heartfelt and meaningful. You can make your partner’s heart melt with a sentence only.

“You are full of kindness”
A compliment about the character of the person is a really special compliment. So, when you compliment your partner about the kindness and sweetness, then it a beautiful thing. It can make anyone smile.

“You are special to me”
The real beauty of a relationship lies in the fact that you are close to your partner in the most special way. So, why not inform your partner about the same!  (Also read: What are the perks of being in a relationship with someone from the same profession)

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