How to build emotional intimacy over a physical intimacy

How to build emotional intimacy over a physical intimacy

What makes your relationship and bond stronger is the emotional connection and not just the physical intimacy. The physical relationship is a part of a relationship but not the basis. If you only have the physical relationship and no emotional link up with your partner then we are sorry to say, you are not in a real relationship! Emotional connection brings two separate people together and helps them to build up a strong bond. It keeps them linked to all the good memories. If you are emotionally involved with someone, you are actually true to yourself and the person as well. An emotional connection is important to keep your relationship healthy and strong forever. Here are the tips how can you bring those emotions into your relationship. (Also read: How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood)

How to build emotional intimacy over a physical intimacy?

Form an emotional connection with yourself: You must build up an emotional connection with yourself before seeking with someone else. Talk to yourself and open up. understand your needs and your desires. Don’t take yourself for granted or ignore the things that matter to you. No one better than you yourself can build an emotional equation for you. Unless you will value your emotions, no one else will do the same. So value those emotions that lie deep inside your heart!

Express your emotional need to your partner: You should express your emotional need and desire to your partner. Needs are not only physical. An emotional need is equally important and should be the basis of your relationship. Imagine having a partner who will stick to you, when everything goes against you. Thus, emotional support is mandatory in every relationship. (Also read: What are the good and the bad reasons for loving someone)

Understand your partner: It’s a give and take in a relationship. Every relationship demands understanding and expectations. If you are expecting something from your partner, you should be ready to serve them with the same. You have to be understanding enough to make your partner love you more. They also need your emotional support. Thus, be there at the giving end too!

Look for counselling: If you fail to build up an emotional connection with your partner, seek help! Talk to a counsellor and ask about what all can be done to correct the equation. Trust us, it is actually successful. Couple therapies actually bring two partners close enough. You may also seek help from your family members.

The aim is to bring the couple emotionally close. While a physical connection is important in a relationship, emotional bond holds more value. It is long lasting and necessary to keep a relationship healthy. (Also read: What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner)

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