How to build a good and healthy relationship

How to build a good and healthy relationship

Relationship is a complex word in itself and involves efforts to keep it healthy. Every relationship is unique in it’s own way and entirely depends upon the people involved as to how well they carry it. What is a relationship? There are innumerable and different perspective of people in regard to this question. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in love and have your own little world in this harsh cruel world. The person whom you like to spend time with, with whom you can be your real self and one who understand you without saying enough. There are no set rules to follow in any relationship. It’s entirely up to the equation between two people as to how should they keep it healthy and alive. Yet there are certain tips that could prove useful for you.

Let’s have a look as to how can one built a healthy relationship:

Have Faith: Trust is the backbone of every relationship. Though it takes time to built one, but is the foremost step in every relationship. One can’t have faith on anyone without having trust on him/her. A trust gained is like a battle won forever. Once you have faith you believe that person is reliable and could do justice to your relationship. Lies are the major drawback of any relationship. A relationship built on trust is a one for lifetime.
So trust your partner and be a faithful one. Of course if it’s not just a fling! (Also read: How to maintain your long distance relationship and keep it healthy)

Value Each Other: Valuing your partner is one of the most important things in every relationship. One should not take the other for granted even if it’s a 10 year long relationship. Value is something that should not lose with time but should increase with it.

Have an Open Communication: Relationship should always be two ways. Open communication helps to build your relationship stronger and healthier. Listen to what the other person says, and consider it. Don’t hesitate to say, what your heart feels. It might make the situation awkward as you may sound blunt at times so try to say it in a manner without hurting the feelings of your partner. Talk your heart out is the ‘Guru Mantra’ of every relationship. (Also read: Tips to make your love life and relationship stronger)

Pay Attention: Well we all have been acting as robots in this generation. With no time to give to ourselves, we have become forgetful enough. Constant pings on mobile phones and over thinking that goes around in our mind, we miss out the importance of person right next to us. So while you meet your partner keep aside your phone and pay heed to what your partner is saying and asking for. The most you can give someone in today’s time is not any fancy thing but your TIME.

Complement Each Other: It may sound cliched but it is one of the necessities of any good relationship. Complementing each other conveys that you notice when he/she dresses up well or put that extra winged liner for you. Each one of us loves to get a compliment. So bring it in practice.

Be Friendly with friends and family: What can make a relationship more secure when you have people who acknowledges you as one. It’ always a good introduce your partner to your family and friends if are yourself sure enough. It brings a sense of security in your relationship.

Make a To-do List Together: To keep our relationship reviving, make a to-do list together. Make the other person realize that how passionately you want to spend time with each other. Make a list of things you want to do together. The adventurous trip, gatecrashing wedding, doing charity, late night shows and whatever you both like to do, go for it.

Make Your partner feel your presence: After the hectic day ends and you are tiring to the core. Make sure you call her once for few minutes may be to make her realize that even though you been busy throughout the day, she is the one whom you have a last thought before dozing off. It’s a sweet way of letting that person know, how deeply you missed the other one.

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