How To Be Just Friends When He Wants More

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How To Be Just Friends When He Wants More

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It is not necessary that a girl and a boy cannot be friends. But, yes it is true that most of the times they fall in love. It is possible that between you two, one might fall in love and other one does not. This time situation mostly occurs between two friends of different genders. But unfortunately, if this happens the situation becomes tough and the bonds of friendships destroyed. But, if your male friend wants more from you want the friendship only, you have to know how to tackle the situation. If you do not want to spoil your friendship you can try these following tips. (Also Read: How To Deal With An Evil Ex-Boyfriend)

You have to maintain your limits:
There are some limits you need to maintain if you want to be just friends with him. As you know that the guy loves you, you have to cut down a little bit of your involvement in the friendship. Do not behave like a couple with him. For few days make him realise that you can not get in a relationship by maintaining your friendship limits.

Do not encourage any touchy feeling:
Do not make him feel anything romantic. Avoid long hugs and cuddles. These things gradually make him feel romantic and send across wrong signals. So, if he also asks you to give a hug, avoid all these as you know his intentions. (Also Read: Signs Which Say That Your Male Friend Likes You)

Do not communicate with each other for a long time:
You know that the more you communicate and talk to him, he will fall in love with you deeper. So, you can cut down your everyday communicable limits. Do not involve him in your every small thing. You may be do all this as he is your friend but now as his intentions are clear, you should stop doing all these.

Do not hide your relationship status from him:
If you are in a relationship do not hide that from him. He may fall in love with you as he thought that you must be single. In fact, tell your partner about it. If your friendship is very strong, you should not hide your love feelings too.

Do not give him much attention:
If you do not love him, you should not give him much attention. If you do this by knowing his intention he must feel that you are interested in him too. So, as we already said, maintain your limits and cut off your involvement from the relationship. (Also Read: Why You Can Never Be Just Friends With Your Ex-Partner)

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