How to ask your girlfriend to stop talking to a guy

How to ask your girlfriend to stop talking to a guy

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Insecurity is human feeling that occurs in almost every relationship. In the same way, there are times in a relationship when a boyfriend feels insecure about his girlfriend talking to someone specific. It can be her co-worker, her friend or anyone else. This is not a trust issue it is more about the comfort level. Firstly, you need to think about the reason why you don’t like that particular person. Maybe that person is manipulative, or maybe he is trying to woo your girlfriend. Sometimes, it is a feeling of simple jealousy but you must think about it first. If you still feel that your girlfriend should away from a certain person then you must find a way to inform her about it.  (Also read: Is it really worth dating an insecure man)

Explain your feelings to her
It is important, to be honest with your girlfriend about your feeling. However, at the same time, it is important to be polite and respectful with your words. Adress the issue in a non-offensive and calm manner.

Make sure you tell her the exact reasons
This is the most common mistake guys make. They don’t give their partner a reason, they simply announce the decision. This makes the girlfriend feel less worthy. So, tell her why you think like that or what is your real problem. (Also read: Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful)

Be a listener as well
A relationship is not a competition between two people. It is about working as a team so make sure you listen to her as well. Maybe there is a side of the story that you don’t know.

Stay calm and composed
If you resort to an offensive way of talking, you actually hurt your girlfriend. In any situation stay calm and composed. Only then, she will take your opinion seriously.

Don’t bring up the past
When you are discussing an issue in present don’t link it to the past. Don’t try to damage her self-esteem.

Find a solution
Every relationship is unique so it is better that you find a solution that works for you. Compromise in a way that works for both of you. (Also read: Why is it so difficult to date a daddy’s princess)

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