How to ask a guy to hang out with you

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How to ask a guy to hang out with you

Many of us at times meet someone, who just click in one go, We surely then want to spend some time with them and hangout to confirm if we could be in a longterm relationship with them. However, we step back because of our shyness. If you really want to date someone, you have to take a step ahead. You ought to come out of your comfort and ask them out to hang out with you. This might go against your personality, but if you really want to be in a longterm relationship with them, just go ahead and break the ice. If you really like someone and want to hang out with them, speak to them and tell them. Let’s discuss how to ask out a person to hang out with you. (Also read: Why choose a partner who loves you more than you love them)

How to ask a guy to hang out with you?

Introduce yourself well: Don’t lose your confidence if you are shy. Guys usually find shy girls as cute and want to know more about them. If you are stepping back because you are too shy to initiate the conversation, you are at fault. For once, be bold and start introducing yourself. You can reveal that you are a shy person, this won’t make any difference.

Make an eye contact with him: Eyes always work wonderous when it comes to impressing the guy. When you make an eye contact with someone, they definitely see your confidence. Your feelings are reflected in your eyes. Besides this, it is quite easy to reveal things from your eyes. Your eyes also reflect what you are trying to say through your words. (Also read: How to keep your man from getting attracted to other women)

Change your body language: Our body language also speaks a lot about us. If you want to hang out with a guy then you need to make slight changes in your body language. Show him that you are interested in spending time with him. This will definitely help you to make your move towards him. Even the guy also get the clues right.

Let him also lead some conversation: You might be trying hard to talk to him to let him create his interest in you. But you have to let him also lead the conversation. A guy likes to speak his mind and loves if someone listens and takes interest in what they say. Let him also have his chance.

Wait for his move: Now that you have asked him once and it had been a successful hangout. You need to wait for him to make the second move now. Do not stick with him and give him a feeling that you are a creep. Give him some space and let him decide for the next meeting. We assure you, he will definitely turn to you. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner is sexually attracted to you)

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