How to add more “we time” with your partner to improve the relationship

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How to add more "we time" with your partner to improve the relationship

Does your partner often complain that you don’t spend time with him or her? Often you make excuses like work pressure, social obligations etc. However, when you keep ignoring your partner for too long then it reflects badly on the relationship. For a relationship to work you must take out some time for your partner often. This time is known as the “we time.” You simply take out time to indulge yourself and your partner is spending quality time. You two then get a chance to have a heart to heart discussion and meaningful conversation. Let’s find out how to make time for the “we time” and improve your relationship. (Also read: How to stop caring for the person you were in love with)

Understand the importance of the ”we time”
Most common mistake people make is taking the relationship for granted. Therefore, they forget to take out time for their partner. Avoid these though and understand the importance of spending the time together. It will bring positivity in your relationship.

Make a plan
Everything works out better when you plan it well. So, simply think of common interest you and your partner share and make a plan out of it. Or you can plan something entirely for your partner. (Also read: What is the difference between love and just attachment)

Tell your partner
Do not hesitate to ask your partner’s inputs and opinions about the planning. This will give you two a chance to bond and know each other better.

Travel together
Travelling is often the most life-changing thing you can do with your partner. It brings you closer to your partner and helps you to create infinite memories with him or her. You two indulge in having more open and intimate conversation when you are away from the pressure of any kind.

Workout together
It is a slightly offbeat plan but certainly an interesting one. Simply get into the fitness ‘mode’ and make it better with your partner. It will give you time together as well as help you to stay fit.(Also read: Why Pillow talk is so important in a relationship)

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