How love and addiction are different from each other

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How love and addiction are different from each other

Being in love with someone and being addicted to someone are two different things. However, people often think of addiction as love itself. Love is a free emotion, it can’t be chained down. When people are addicted to someone, they don’t want them to let go of them. This is the sign of unhealthy behaviour. True love doesn’t operate on control over someone, it sets the person free. The real love is not selfish, but obsession and addiction are. The distance doesn’t hamper the love, but when it comes addiction the distance can kill off the feeling. Therefore it is important to know the difference between love and addiction. (Also read: How to give your relationship an honest reality check)

Restlessness due to the distance
When you are addicted to someone even a small amount of change or distance can make you feel restless. When you are in love, there is trust but that is not the case with addiction.

You always go back to him or her
Love teaches you to respect yourself, but addiction just feeds on demands. When you are addicted to someone you go back to him or her no matter what they have done or how badly they have treated you.

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You are scared to let them go
When you are addicted to someone you want to keep them close forever. When you think about letting them go you are simply scared as there is not trust in addiction.

Can’t do anything without them
When you are addicted to someone you feel, you can’t do anything without them. Even for the smallest job, you need their support. As you are dependent on them.

Addiction grows overnight
It takes time to fall in love with someone, but addiction happens during a very short time. It shows that addiction is not based on true feelings.

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