How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood

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How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood

People born in different months have different traits and personality. They induce an altogether a different approach towards their life. Besides this, every person born in the different month usually have a difference in their characteristics as well. According to our birth month, our leading stars guide the actions of our life. We often say that no two people can be same. It’s because of the difference in their birth time, birth month and the leading stars while they were born. Believe it or not, our stars and birth date plays a major role in dictating our life. Right from our career, health, financial status and love life, our stars control all.

So, all those who are single and struggling to find out the reason. Here are some of the reasons for your singlehood. (Also read: What are the signs indicating that the person is going to be great in bed)

How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood?


All those who are born in January and are still single, here is a peep inside to your traits. You are calm and patient. You don’t believe in rushing things. You patiently wait for the right thing to happen on its own. Thus, you silently wait for your love too. You value independence more than anything and want to go slow in the process of love.


You can’t pretend things. Being straightforward you don’t believe in overdoing things. Being born in the month of love itself, you people are quite genuine and don’t show off things. Thus, you can’t even handle show off in life. Besides this, you are quite spontaneous and can’t commit things in life. Eventually, it keeps you single as well. (Also read: Which exercise you should practice according to zodiac sign)

How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood
Being born in the month of March, you people are quite genuine. You have your own little world which is confined to yourself only. You don’t let anyone easily enter the same. Thus, you only allow those who can be a dreamer like you and share the same vibes.

How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood
Stubborn and emotional are the most common traits of people born in the month of April. You are compassionate and love with whole heart. Loyal and caring people often do not match your free-spirited personality. You are not the one who will change for the sake of others. Thus, matching you becomes difficult for your partner at times.

How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood
You are quite aspiring to life. You want love in life but more than that you prioritise other things as well. Besides this, you have high expectations from life and you keep love secondary. Thus, you are single presently. But don’t worry, when you will achieve your dreams you will definitely look out for love in life and settle down gradually.


Being emotional you carry the baggage of failed relationship with you. While everyone has a terrible past, it is not mandatory to stick to it for life. Learn to let go of things. Your baggage of previous relationships does not let you move on and get into a healthy new relationship. Thus, stop doing this injustice for you.

How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood
You trust people easily and have a tremendously big heart. You believe in giving people second chance and thus make them take you for granted. They think you are stupid and can be fooled easily. Thus, so many heartaches and treachery have made you single for life.


You are the ones who aspire for the best in life. You are the lovers of freedom and don’t want to be held back by anyone. It is difficult for people to match up to what you expect in life. Thus, you are mostly single. Once you find an appropriate match who fly with you with those imaginary wings, you love them for life.


You are too picky and judgemental. The feeling of getting hurt makes you on your nerves. Thus, you try to push back people away from you. Besides this, you are too critical and introspect every move of your partner closely. This is something not encouraging and often lands you in a troublesome relationship. Learn to forgive and forget. Once you will learn this, you will be in a happy relationship!


You too are afraid of the heartbreak. You don’t want any disappointment in life and thus you usually ignore the feeling of love. You want to be in your own world and do not let anyone enter it easily. You have learned a lot of bitter lessons in life thus it keeps you away from others. Also, you over think about people’s take on your relationship. So chill and go with the flow.


You are witty ones. Not enough people know you deeply. You actually believe in staying away from people and do not let anyone enter your comfort zone easily. Once people tend to come close to you, you shield yourself back into your own shell. This eventually turns off the people and you remain alone.


You like to explore more and more. Settling for one is a deal for you until you have many options in life. You don’t believe in missing out anything, thus you actually end up being alone at times. Once you are done with your expedition in love, you will gradually find someone you will settle for a life with. (Also read: What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner)

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