How does an extra marital affair affect a person’s life

How does an extra marital affair affect a person's life

Falling in an extra-marital affair is the biggest mistake. If you are unsure of your marriage and want to move away, just do it. But don’t deceive or hurt your marital partner. Extra-marital affair not only spoils an individual life but also takes all the three people in its clutches. No one can remain happy in such immature relationship. If you are unsatisfied with your marriage, you should call it off, instead of carrying two relationships together. This won’t be able to provide you even a single second of relief. But somehow it has become a common affair these days. Let’s read about the harm that an extra-marital affair brings along with it:

Injustice to your wedded partner: One does not realise the harm he is doing to an officially wedded partner. An infidelity is a treacherous act which spares no one. The pain of your better half (wife/husband) cannot be expressed in words when it comes to cheating. You left them for a fancy affair you are having out of your marriage. Hence, it causes a forever curse.

No second chance brings back the old trust: It takes a lot of time to build a trust, if it’s gone once, it’s almost lost forever. No matter how hard you try to give a fresh start to your relationship, but this leaves an everlasting impact on your marriage. Remember, the consequences of misdeeds are always disastrous.

Causes emotional turmoil: Losing a faith on your partner is one of the most disturbing experience. Finding your partner in an extra-marital affair is a question to the existence of your relationship. One can not realise the emotional torture a faithful partner undergoes.

Questions the self-esteem of a faithful partner: Discovering your better-half to be in a relationship with someone else outside your marriage is the biggest shock. It makes a person lose self-confidence and reliance. It hurts them so much that they start questioning their own self for things they didn’t do wrong.

Breaks down the entire family: Finding out a partner in an extra-marital affair, things become shattered, so does the relationships. It is almost impossible to hold on to the entire family, as the faithful partner decides to part the ways. It disturbs children, parents and not to forget your own marriage.

Leads to heartbreak:
Marriage is a beautiful journey of two people agreeing on spending their entire life together. A break in this relationship leads to disappointment and heartbreak. It becomes very difficult for a person to regain his/herself and live happily. Their life loses meaning and they fall in depression.

Adultery and falling in an extra-marital relationship are something our society does not accept. Hurting someone you have taken sacred vows with is a betrayal to oneself. So think before you act, your actions can affect many people, not just you. You have not got that right to hurt someone who has a long-term association with you. And the worst of all, you won’t ever be happy in your extra-marital affair as well! So better remain contended with what you have.

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