How digital world is making space in the modern day relationships

How digital world is making space in the modern day relationships

The digital world plays a pivotal role in our lives these days. We cannot imagine a day without our smartphones or the internet connectivity. It is definitely making a deep space for itself in our personal relationships too. A friend or a lover sitting oceans away seems right next to us virtually with so many applications coming up. Distance has just remained a number. The scope of missing someone is declining as they already are close to us always. While everything has two sides, this hi-tech digital world is also affecting us in a dual manner. It is making us a pro in our approach towards things and relationship on one hand. On the other, it is actually harming our personal relationships as well. (Also read: What are the signs that suggest its time for you to get engaged)

Let’s find out what role is digital world playing in the modern day relationship.

Helps us to connect with people: Distance is all about the numbers now. We can now be in contact with the relatives and friends sitting oceans away from us. We now have options for calling them in various ways. Audio calls, video call them and every moment with them with the help of internet connectivity and smartphones.

Long-distance relationships are working: Those who are in long distance relationship are able to connect with their partners easily. One can feel the presence of their partner right next to them with so many options of being in constant touch with each other. (Also read: What are the signs that suggest your friendship is ruining your relationship)

Too much of PDA: Now that every couple has started idealising the couple goals by uploading a lot of pictures and their personal moments constantly, the pressure s increasing day by day. Now, most of the couples are in a race of making their relationship at the top by only public demonstration of affection. In real their relationship is almost hollow as they are busier in taking selfies than actually living the moment.

Comparing the relationships has become the habit: People have grown too judgemental about each other’s life and relationship. They think their relationship to be the best and the relationship of others seems imperfect to them. Sounds mean, but that has what the digital world has done to the people. Besides this, the personal or private life of couples is no more their own but more of a public affair.

Increased the complications of relationships: With so much digitalisation going on in the world, the pressure on the relationships is also growing. People need personal space, privacy and certain things that may land your partner in an utter doubt. It creates more misunderstanding between the couple and leads to the breakup. In a way, it has lead to a lot of trust issues between the couples. (Also read: How to reduce sexual tension between your crush and you)

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