How can you stop being too fussy about your relationship

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How can you stop being too fussy about your relationship

Everyone desires for the best dating partner and a great relationship. While you are going too choosy in finding the perfect one, you might miss out the best. It’s okay to be overanalysing and picky when it comes to choosing a partner for oneself. But crossing the limits and have no set standards to find your Mr Right will take you nowhere. It’s even okay to have high standards and very selective when it comes to deciding on your partner for life, but you might be making an irrevocable mistake. (Also read: What are the signs indicating that the person is going to be great in bed)

You must analyse all the traits and actions of the biding participants, but you should not entirely ignore the little good that every person carries. Enlarge your thought process and try to make a little effort to know the person a little more before judging him.

How can you stop being too fussy about your relationship?

Acknowledge your fears: Everyone is little scared when it comes to choosing the right partner. But some people carry a prolonged fear which they openly do not discuss. Well, it is okay to not discuss your fears with someone else, but do discuss it with your own self. There could be a fear of failure, rejection, adjustments and much more. So, acknowledge them and fight them to have the best life ahead.

Do not look for someone exactly similar to you: Do not look for someone who is exactly like you. You might enjoy the feeling of same likes and dislikes but this will make your life extremely boring and monotonous. Having slight differences is also good for a healthy relationship. So, just don’t look out for a carbon copy instead look out for some adventure! (Also read: How to save your marriage from getting ruined due to financial problems)

Stay open-minded: Stay away from preconceptions about any person. This makes you quite judgemental and mean. When you don’t know someone, you can’t make a decision. So, be open-minded and give that person a chance. In fact, initiate a conversation while you meet the person. It will make them feel better and comfortable. And you will get a chance to know them better.

Set your priorities: You must be having a long list of traits that you are looking for your partner. Make a note of them and give points to each trait. It’s good to have some specifications on the basis of which you are looking for a partner, but you must ignore the things that are completely baseless and kiddish for you in long run.

Discuss with your close ones: If you are stuck in between the choices you have, you should discuss it with your family or your friends. They can always guide you in choosing the right path. Do not be too rigid to not to discuss it with anyone. Discussing will also provide you with a better picture of yourself. (Also read: Do you love your partner in an unhealthy manner)

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