What Does Holding Hands With Your Partner Reveal About Your Relationship

What Does Holding Hands With Your Partner Reveal About Your Relationship

There are many things that reflect the kind of relationship two people share. It can be about the eye glances they exchange, the closeness between them or the way they hold the hand. When you are in a relationship, you like to spend time with the partner, walking around and just enjoying the time you two have. At the same time, you like to hold your partner’s hand. This is a reflection of the affection between the two. However, have you consider that this holding of hands mean different things according to the way you hold your partner’s hand.

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Interlocked fingers

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This gesture means that there is security in the relationship. It signifies that you two are there for each other, for better or worse. This interlocking signifies the love and affection you two bear for each other.

Holding by a finger

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Many people like to use their finger to hold each other. It shows that you two respect each other’s privacy and there is no control in the relationship. You have your own identity.

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Linked arms

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Many couples like to walk with linked arms. It shows that you are not really that secure in a relationship. The couples who walk like this are not that connected to one another and they are trying to hide this by walking in arms.

Pulling by the hand
When you are walking with your partner and he or she often drags you by the hand then it is not a good sign. This shows that relationship is based on control rather than mutual affection. It is not a good sign in a relationship.

Not holding the hands

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There are many couples that don’t like holding hands. There are many possible things that can cause this like respecting each others privacy, but sometimes it shows that not everything is alright in a relationship.

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