How to hit on the girl: Tips to impress the girl without being creepy

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Tips to hit on the girl

Hitting on the girl: If you want to attract a girl you must make a first move.

How to hit on the girl: Impressing the girl and hitting on her are not easy things. A guy has to be patient and must stay away from cheesy things, in order to hit the girl right with the arrow of a cupid. Girls love to feel special but that does not mean, you will go over the top and will do cheesy stuff. The girl must feel comfortable and confident while talking to you. If you really planning to hit on your latest crush or want to date someone, here are some essential tips for you all to make it a success. (Also read: Girls Like to Hear: Things a girl wants to hear from her partner)

How to hit on the girl: Tips to hit the girl in the right way to impress her

  • Don’t make it a purpose
  • Observe
  • Don’t use cheesy lines
  • Talk a little bit
  • Don’t forget to say goodbye

Don’t make it a purpose
Just don’t make this the purpose of your life. Go with the natural flow. If you will make it sit in your mind that you will hit on some girl, you might overdo things. So, let the opportunity come your way on its own.

Give some time for observation. It will give you an idea about how you must progress in approaching towards the girl. But that does not mean you will keep your hawk eyes on her. If she makes an eye contact with you, she might be wanting you to make the move. (Also read: What are the various things that guys notice in girls on the very first date)

Don’t use cheesy lines
Using cheesy lines to hit on the girl is not the right idea. It will make you look creepy and cheesy at the same time. Be a gentleman and start the conversation with ease not with the purpose of flattery.

Talk a little bit

Tips to hit on the girl and impress her
How to hit on the girl: Start the conversation to impress her.

Initiate the conversation. Don’t talk about sciences and medicines. Set the mood, talk about how beautiful she looks and the place you are hanging out at. Introduce yourself but don’t give extreme details in the first time.

Don’t forget to say goodbye
Make sure that if you are at a party, you must wave a goodbye to her. When you say goodbye, there is a hope that she will keep you in mind. And it will give an impression that you actually are a genuine guy.

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These are some of the ways in which you can hit on the girl at the party. You need to be confident and must not expect anything in return. Also, face rejection confidently. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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