Happy Friendship Day 2018: Why and when the friendship day is celebrated

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Date and Day and the history of Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day 2018: All you need to know about friendship day

Happy Friendship Day 2018: The month of August is the beginning of festivities and season change. The first Sunday of every August is marked as the friendship day. All over the world, people celebrate this day in different ways and styles. Some people like to get friendship bands for their friends while others enjoy a day out with their friends. However, despite this day’s popularity people still don’t know the history and the real idea behind the celebration of the friendship day. There is a very interesting history behind the celebration of the friendship day. So, let’s find out the details of the friendship day. (Also read: How To Get Back Your Best Friend Back In Your Life)

Happy Friendship Day 2018: All you need to know about the Friendship Day’s celebration

When is friendship celebrated in India?

Date and Day of Friendship Day: When is friendship is celebrated in India
Happy Friendship Day 2018: Date and Day and the history of Friendship Day

Friendship day is widely celebrated on the month of August. More precisely the first Sunday of the month of August. This date was first picked by the United States of America due to its historical significance. So, let’s find out the amazing history behind the friendship day. (Also read: How to Surround Yourself With Good Friends)

The history of friendship day

Initially, it was Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1930 who wanted the 2nd of August to be friendship’s day. However, the idea was rejected by the consumer. In the year 1935, the United States was dealing with the effects of the recession, the great depression and the impact of the first world war. The idea of the celebration of the friendship was presented by the US Congress. It is believed that during that time there was plenty of negative feeling among the countries and the people. Thus, the celebration of the friendship was a way to put forth the positivity in life. So, basically in 1935, the first of August was a holiday dedicated in the honour of friends.

Friendship day is the time to celebrate the importance of having real friends about. It is about spending the time with your buddies and making them feel special.

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