Happy Friendship Day 2018: What are the different ways to celebrate Friendship Day

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Ways to spread the Friendship Day greetings

Happy Friendship Day 2018: How to mark the celebration Friendship Day

Every year the Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Well, there should not be a day to celebrate your friendship, but people do not have time in today’s busy life, so on this special day, you can tell your friends about their importance. On the occasion of Friendship Day, you can congratulate your friends by giving them their favourite gifts or by giving them best wishes in different ways. Apart from this, if you want to make your friendship more special, then you must definitely celebrate Friendship Day. You can also make special on this day by doing different things. (Also read: Happy Friendship Day 2018: How to create long-lasting and meaningful friendships)

Happy Friendship Day 2018: How to Celebrate Friendship Day

  • Spend time with your friend.
  • Send a message to your friend.
  • Gift.
  • Watch the movie or have dinner with your friend.
  1. Spend time with your friend

    Ways to celebrate friendship day.
    Happy Friendship Day 2018: Spent time with friends on the Friendship Day

    This is a great way to celebrate Friendship Day because you can explain to your friend about their importance. At the same time, you can understand things related to their life by spending time with them.

  2. Send a message to your friend
    Many times you are unable to talk to your friend due to short time or the busy life. So, on this Friendship Day, you must send a message to your friend and express your affection towards them.
  3. Give Gift
    You can also tell your friend their importance by giving a gift. Try to give something that they liked or something which touch their heart. You can also make a picture of both of you, this will also revive your memories.
  4. Watch a movie or have dinner with your friend
    On the day of Friendship Day, you watch a movie with your friend or have dinner in the favourite restaurant. This will increase the engagement between you and your friend.

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On this special occasion of Friendship Day, tell your friends how important they are in your life. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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