Happy Friendship Day 2018: How to create long-lasting and meaningful friendships

Happy Friendship Day 2018: Ways to create long-lasting and meaningful friendships

Happy Friendship Day 2018: Ways to create long-lasting and meaningful friendships

Happy Friendship Day 2018: Friendship is one of the most valuable things in life. When you want to discuss your feelings or if you want to have fun or if you want to enjoy a lazy day, all you need then is the company of your friends. However, many people face a common problem when it comes to a friendship that is maintaining a long-term friendship. It is easy to be friends with someone when you see them every day or meet them often. However, in the case of establishing meaningful long-term friendship you have to do certain things. This will make the bond stronger and more meaningful. (Also read: Happy Friendship Day 2018: Why and when the friendship day is celebrated)

Happy Friendship Day 2018: Ways to create long-lasting and meaningful friendships

  • Put efforts
  • Sharing is caring
  • Catch up when possible
  • Be supportive
  • Honestly and genuine advice

Put efforts
It is important that you know that like a relationship, friendship too requires efforts. So, if you want to have a long-term friendship make sure you are not taking the person for granted. Make efforts like calling them, making them feel special etc. (Also read: How To Get Back Your Best Friend Back In Your Life)

Sharing is caring

Happy Friendship Day 2018:
Happy Friendship Day 2018:: Sharing is important for a lasting friendship

Sharing is not about sharing materialistic things with your friend. It is about sharing kindness, feelings, emotions etc with your friend. Sharing is a two-way street, so when you are open to someone the other person will respond as well.

Catch up when possible
It is important to make your presence felt in case of a serious and meaningful friendship. So, even if you can’t meet very frequently try to make time whenever it is possible. (Also read: How to Surround Yourself With Good Friends)

Be supportive
The best kind of friendship is full of emotional support. Your friend should know that you are there for him or her. The support you lend to your friend when they need it is priceless.

Honestly and genuine advice
Friends often seek advice from one and another. So, if your friend asks for your advice, make sure that it is genuine and honest. At the same time remember that you don’t need to put down your friend, just be polite about it.

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