What are the good and the bad reasons for loving someone

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What are the good and the bad reasons for loving someone

There is no definite and scientifically proven answer for why do we love someone. Whenever we ask someone about love, they have their own reasons be it good or bad. There is no specific reason which creates the basis of our love for someone. Sometimes, there are some good reasons for which we go crazy in love and sometimes we love a person even for the bad. We get so much used too of that person. Love is too strong that it knows no bounds. Hate him or ignore him, but you can’t stop loving him for the various reasons. We get so habitual of someone that we tend to love them no matter what. It might hurt us at the end, but we hardly care about that. (Also read: What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner)

What are the good and the bad reasons for loving someone?

Loving someone for all the good reasons
You have a strong bond: Once you and your partner have a strong bond, nothing can separate you. It gives a binding factor to you and you love them the way they are. There are certain things between you two which keeps you both entangled together. You both plan out future and want each other equally.

You feel secure with them: Security and surety are two great things. It is difficult to be secure when you are in love. Once you find the one with whom you feel loved and secure, you tend to stick to them. You feel like home and want to cherish that love forever. (Also read: How can you stop being too fussy about your relationship)

They are a blessing in your life: Ever since you have fallen for them, your life has turned into good. You feel blessed to have them in your life. This makes you both worthy of each other. They make you laugh and live life to the fullest. They are your constant support in life and you want to remain close to them.

Loving someone for bad reasons
You are dependent on them: When in love, you are dependent on your partner for the happiness and support, it is quite unhealthy. You love someone for the wrong reason. There is no basis for your relationship and it’s just a forceful thing that makes you live with them.

They can manipulate you: They know the art of manipulating you. Thus, you stick to them. They make you feel incomplete and vulnerable without them, thus you get distracted. Even if you plan to part your ways with them, they make you feel incomplete. Thus, you decide to be with them.

Addiction: And there are some relationships, which are only due to the addiction to love. You tend to stay with your partner because you are addicted to them like a drug. Staying apart is no option for you as you can’t sustain your life without them. No matter how badly they treat you, you still stick on with them. (Also read: What are the signs indicating that the person is going to be great in bed)

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