Girls Like to Hear: Things a girl wants to hear from her partner

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Things girl wants to hear form her partner

If you want to impress a girl, you must say what a girl wants to hear.

Girls Like to Hear: You must have heard people saying that the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. However, the case of a woman is quite different. If you want to make a woman happy and want to make them feel special then you have to find out a way. If you are dating a woman and wants her to like you, then you must know what she loves to listen. If you want to attract the woman then you must know what she will love to hear from you. When you are in a relationship, you must choose your words rightly. You must know what the girl likes and dislikes and thus you must choose your words in the most appropriate manner. Let’s discuss what every girl loves to hear. (Also read: What Are The Best Compliments To Impress A Girl)

Girls like to hear: What are the things which every girl likes to hear?

  • You are smart
  • I am ready to listen to you
  • You are different from the rest
  • I need your advice
  • I care for you

You are smart

things you must say to a girl to impress her
If you want to impress the girl, tell her that she is smart.

Appreciating the smartness of a girl is the best way. You only have to make sure that the time is right and you choose the most honest ways.

I am ready to listen to you
When a guy listens to what the girl says, girls automatically feel happy. Thus, tell them that you are ready to listen to her forever and you are always there with her. (Also read: How Can You Impress A Girl On First Date)

You are different from the rest
Every girl likes to feel special. Therefore, they want to listen from their partner that, she is unlike the rest. Thus, you must tell the girl you like that she is different from rest of the girls.

I need your advice
Man often thinks of himself as superior to the woman. Man thinks that he can always take the best decision in life. However, you need to change this thinking. You have to tell the importance of your partner. Tell her that you need her advice, as she is capable of making the right decision. This will help to impress the girl. (Also read: How to impress a girl over a phone call)

I care for you

things every guy should tell his partner
Things girl likes: When you say that you care about the girl, it makes them automatically happy.

This is a very common thing but many times, man forgets to confess it. If you really care for her, then you must tell her and make her feel good. Don’t just say it, prove it.

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These are some of the ways in which you can impress her and make her feel good. However, try to stay honest with them. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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