Why does your girlfriend avoid to make any physical relationship with you

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Why does your girlfriend avoid to make any physical relationship with you

If you are in a relationship for quite a long time and still your girlfriend resists your touch, there is something going on in her mind. We all know that physical relationship is something which is equally important in a relationship. Though it is not a mandatory thing, being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. Everything holds importance when you are in a relationship, thus physical relationship also holds relevance. No matter, how caring, loving, possessive, loyal you are, every relationship demands something. If you are noticing that your girlfriend is resistant your touch for a long time now, then you must talk and find out the reason for the same. Let’s find out why does your girlfriend avoid any physical touch from you. (Also read: What are the signs that your girlfriend is actually unfaithful to you)

Why does your girlfriend avoid to make any physical relationship with you?

She is not comfortable: It is quite natural. Not every girl is too bold to share all that immediately with someone. Even if you both have been in a relationship for a long time now, she is still not at that comfort level. It is natural as getting physically involved in a relationship is a big decision and it can be made forcefully. So talk to her and give her some time.

She is worried about hygiene: She might love you but is concerned if you are hygienic enough. Besides this, sometimes, self-hygiene is also an important factor that keeps you at bay. She might not be feeling clean to involve in a physical relationship. (Also read: How to touch your lady in the right way on your first date)

She wants more time: Your girlfriend needs security and surety about your relationship. It is also possible, she must be over thinking about your future together and want to proceed gradually. Besides this, she might be afraid of getting into a physical relationship and then leaving each other. All she is desiring is a little more time to be sure of the relationship.

She is not bold enough: She might be the submissive one. She does not approve of a physical relationship without any commitment. There is nothing wrong with what she thinks and how she wants to go ahead with a relationship. Nothing can be built forcefully, thus making her feel comfortable and giving her assurance, is the best option. Wait for her approval, otherwise, you will end your relationship yourself.

She might be conscious of her performance: Yes, it may sound weird but many girls and guys are worried about their performance in bed. Thus, what they opt best is to avoid it. She must be very nervous about how she will perform or you might judge her. Eventually, she avoids getting into it. So, all you need is to talk to her and find a suitable solution. (Also read: What are the things that you can say instead of saying I Love You)

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