How to be funny: Tips to be humorous around guys to make them like you more

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How to be funny around the one you like

If you want to be funny around the man you like, you need to become naughty.

How to be Funny: Every woman wants that the guys must like them. It is thus necessary for them to have a radiant feature in your behaviour. Most of the men like those women, who are happy go lucky. If you also want that man should like you and enjoy your company, then you need to have something extra in your behaviour. Humorous does not mean that you have to crack jokes whenever you see a guy and you expect them to laugh with you. This is a bad idea and leaves a negative impression on others. Men will eventually dislike you. So, how to know what is the right way to be funny around the guys? Here we are to tell you some amazing tips to be funny around the guys. (Also read: Ignoring partner: What are the probable reasons your partner is ignoring you)

Humorous- What are the ways to become funny around the guys so that you become more likeable?

  • Do not compromise
  • Know their sense of humour
  • Notice the way they talk
  • Know about their likes and dislikes
  • Be naughty

Do not compromise
Whenever you try to impress the guy, make sure you do not do anything in which you are not comfortable. If you feel guilty about anything, do not do that thing.

Know their sense of humour

Easy tips to be funny and humorous around guys
Tips to be funny: You must try to know the sense of humour of the person you like.

You cannot make anyone laugh until you know their sense of humour. Thus, when you laugh around with a guy, you have to read this sense of humour completely. (Also read: Relationship troubles: Signs that you are losing your identity in a relationship)

Notice the way they talk
The guy you want to come closer to you, observe the way they talk. This will help you to know what makes them laugh and what are the things they like. Noticing them closely will help to ensure their sense of humour.

Know about their likes and dislikes
Try to know them a little more. Take some time and observe them. This will help you to know what they like and what they dislike. The things they dislike will help you to make jokes on.

Be naughty

How to be funny and humorous around guys
How to be funny: Being little naughty is good to make a man laugh

Men really like those women whoa re a bit naughty. So, don’t hesitate in being the naughty one. Your little actions and naughtiness can make a person like you. Eventually, they will enjoy your company.

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These are some of the easy and effective tips to become humorous and funny when you are around the guys to make them smile. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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