How to flirt in the right manner with your crush

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How to flirt in the right manner with your crush

Having a crush on someone is one of the best feelings. We all do certain things like secretly seeing our crush, listening to what they say, liking their acts etc. If you get to talk to them even for once, it just makes your day. However, just watching them from far off does no good to you. If you want them in your life, then you should do certain things to impress them. In order to attract their attention, you have to take a step forward. You have to show your flirting skills in order to confess that you like them. Thus, let’s discuss what should you do to flirt with your crush in the right manner. (Also read: What are the different ways to make your girlfriend happy on Valentine’s day)

How to flirt in the right manner with your crush?

Show your self-confidence: Your self-confidence helps you to go ahead in life. Don’t show any nervousness on your face while talking to your crush. Do the things that boost your self-confidence.

Appreciate them: When you meet your crush, appreciate them. Give them little compliments. You can compliment them for their face, work, their actions, clothes or anything you like the most about them. This will help them to realise that you notice them. (Also read: Things that single people should do on valentine’s day)

Don’t be in a hurry: Don’t rush before taking any step. Being in hurry can spoil the entire situation. Take your time, try to understand them and make them understand you as well. Take a step forward only that much which makes your crush and you comfortable. Being in limits and moving forward gradually helps to make both your partner and you comfortable.

Tease them: If you both have started talking to each other then you can take a step forward. Try to tease them in between the conversation. Try to tease them in a fun way. Don’t annoy them with nonsense. Do it in a playful mood. This will help to initiate more conversation between the two of you.

Stop listening to what your friends say: Your friends are always so full of pieces of advice. However, many of them are right as well. But they might influence you in various ways and you might take a wrong step. This may break the little bond you have created with your crush. (Also read: What are the signs that suggest its time for you to get engaged)

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