Few signs suggesting that you are in a right relationship

Few signs suggesting that you are in a right relationship

Every relationship is different in its own way. The equation you share with your partner depends entirely upon your own understanding with each other. The foremost thing that decides if you both are in a right relationship, is that you both share a common ground in your relationship. You both see each other together in future with no doubt whatsoever. If the goal of your relationship is clear nothing could shatter your bond.

Positive Approach: You and your partner are both optimistic. You both are sure about each other and are not hesitant to take it further. You both talk about your life post marriage and discuss your future plans openly.

Understand Each Other:
Understanding each other is very important in every relationship. How well you know your partner tells about your equation with the other one. It’s important to be aware of the things going in your partner’s mind and you should try to make them feel better. (Also read: What are the things that girls should not do to seek attention from guys)

Easy communication:
Communicating things is a solution to every problem. Conveying feelings and talking out about things is an easy way out. Holding back or keeping grudges will only worsen the situation so talk it out and clear the doubts in your mind.

Giving space to each other: Every relationship requires some space. Clinging on to each other like a worm doesn’t show a healthy relationship. Let the other person have his/her ‘Me’ time. Give a pause to your fears and let the other person also enjoy his time and space. No one will run away if provided a little space. Otherwise, it seems as if you are trying to scratch his soul from the body. (Also read: How to impress a girl over a phone call)

Supporting each other’s goal: Having a supporting partner is a wonderful feeling. You feel blessed if you with someone who considers your goals and encourages you to pursue them. Being self-centered or negligible for another person’s life goal isn’t a healthy decision.

Respecting each other’s family: Family is important for everyone and if you really love your partner, respect their family too. It’s only your family that would support you till the eternity.
Involvement with the family will only strengthen your relationship more.

Keep Your Relation Sparky: Both of you should aim at reviving your relationship. Every relation loses its charm after a period of time. It entirely depends upon you how lovely you make it by doing those small little things to keep each other happy.

Compromising for each other:
You like to compromise sometimes for the sake of your partner’s happiness. There is no harm to keep your partner above your little things. It’s only a way to make her realize that she is equally important. Remember she is not a kid who isn’t considering your sacrifice. Her love will reciprocate the same.

Holding respect for each other: Your partner should not compare you to any other beautiful girl or should make you feel downtrodden. He should appreciate you for what you are, even though less but enough for him. He should not make you feel jealous or insecure!

If you feel that your partner excels in all the above-mentioned points then don’t think much before saying a “YES”!

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