Father’s Day 2018: When Is Father’s Day Celebrated

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Father’s Day 2018, when is Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day: Make your father feel great in this Father's Day.

Father’s Day 2018: Fathers are the umbrella of every family. When we were kids many of us imagined our father like a Superhero or a role model. Fathers may not show the love for us openly like the mothers do, but they are the pillars of love, discipline and the protection. Father’s day is celebrated every year to give a tribute to every father who has been a constant support to everyone’s life. So, come with us and know when the father’s day is celebrated and how it all began. (Also Read: Happy Father’s Day 2018: What are the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day)

Father’s Day 2018: When Is Father’s Day Celebrated?

  • When is Father’s Day
  • Why Father’s Day Is Celebrated
  • How To make the Father’s Day special

When Is Father’s Day?
Whenever we encountered any hassles in our life, we always knew our father is behind us to support us. The support of the father is the shield for every child. That is why to give them a tribute, the entire world celebrates Father’s day. Every year, the third Sunday of the month, June is celebrated as Father’s Day. This year, the Father’s Day 2018 will be celebrated on 17th June. (Also Read: Father’s Day 2018: How to make your father feel special and loved on Happy Father’s Day)

Why Father’s Day Is Celebrated:

There is a story behind celebrating the Father’s Day. It’s a tale of an American woman Sonora Smart Dodd. William Jackson Smart was her father who was a civil war soldier. Sonora had five brothers and Mr William raised her wonderfully and never let her miss her mother as he was a widower. After his patriotic death, Sonora ran a national level campaign to aware make people realise the importance of fathers. This campaign was acknowledged internationally and eventually, the third Sunday of June was decided as Father’s Day.

How to make the Father’s Day special:

If you want to make your father feel special, then do something for your father. Celebrate every day as father’s day. But still, if you want to make him realise how important they are to your life, send gifts to him. Other than that take him out for a lunch or dinner and above of all, promise yourself that you will spend some time with your father and discuss family, career, job whatever you feel like. (Also Read: Father’s Day 2018: The Significance and history of Father’s Day)

These all are the details of Father’s Day which we all should know. Do you know an important fact about your parents? They do not need any gift. As they are growing older day by day, they just want our time, support and being a pillar of their life. Happy Father’s Day to all of you. Read this article in Hindi also.

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