Fake Friend: Sure-shot ways to spot a fake friend in life

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Fake friend: A fake friend shows some obvious signs.

Fake Friend: No matter that friendship is a beautiful relationship which you always want to keep close to your life. But one can’t ignore the fact that in today’s time we can find fake friends too. One should recognise them and should stay away from them. You have to make a lot of efforts to keep your friendship with someone. This requires your dedication, time and efforts. Thus, it is essential that you don’t waste your time on a fake friendship. There are certain signs which help you to recognise who is the fake friend. (Also read: How To Deal With Friends Who Talk Behind Your Back)

Fake friends: Signs which show your friends are fake or genuine

  • Jealousy
  • Negativity
  • Makes you feel guilty
  • Breaking promises
  • Not standing by you


Signs that your friend is fake
Fake friend: If someone is jealous of you, it is clear he is a fake friend.

Those who don’t think of you as their friend they will always feel jealous of you. They are jealous of your success and never become happy with your happiness.

The fake friends are always negative. Good friends always help you to stay positive in life. Fake friends give you negative vibes and always prove you wrong in life.

Makes you feel guilty
Good friends don’t make you feel guilty or bad for not spending time with them. When you meet your good friends, the bond always remains the same. But your fake friends always make you feel guilty when you fail to spend time with them.

Breaking promises
Fake friends never fulfil the promises. Whatever promise they make to you, they always break it.

Not standing by you
It is often believed that you can only find the true friends during your bad times. If your friends do not stand for you in your bad times, then they are not your true friends. Thus, time helps you to find the real friends.

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These are some of the clear signs which show that your friend is fake and you must avoid them. You can read this article in Hindi too.

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