What were the reason that you friendship could not go on

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We always feel the need of the people, with whom we can share our feelings and we can trust them in every situation. A good friend stays with us during all the ups and down of life. But the worst phase of life begins when our friends start to separate one by one. But by recognizing these reasons, you can prevent your friends from getting away from your life. Let’s find out more about them. (Also read: Why does a woman bite her lips after seeing you)

Change of priority

As our age increases our priorities also change with it. You turn so busy with the responsibilities of your office and your home that you can not give time to your friends and see, our friends get away from us. We feel this, but only after they leave us.

Friendship as adults

Making friends is as easy but it is difficult to maintain a friendship. During college or school, walking with friends, hanging out with them, and taking care of their every little happiness. But after a certain time, you do not try to talk to them on the phone or even know their situation. This shortcoming takes them away from you. (Also read:  What are the things that you can gift to your partner in the coming year)

After getting Girlfriends / Boyfriend
We all have been in this situation. Many times you spent all the time with boyfriends/girlfriends and sideline our friends. Because of this, a friend doesn’t feel their need in your life and part their ways.

Do not respect their decisions

When people do not get encouragement from home then they find this thing in their friends. But even when we do not respect their decisions, they feel very bad about this. These are also a reason for them to go away.

Ego Clashes

With many friends, it seems like you are trying to maintain a friendship, but the ego comes in the way. We need to understand that there is no equal contribution from both sides in any relationship of the world so occasionally you have to bend down a little. (Also read: What are the consequences of dating someone with a huge age gap)

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