Do you love your partner in an unhealthy manner

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Do you love your partner in an unhealthy manner

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Love is a beautiful thing. Every couple has their own way of loving in a unique manner. There is jealousy, dependency, fights, moral support and many other phases in a relationship. However, there are some relationships which make you a victim. No matter how strong your bond is, there are certain relationships which make you weak. They snatch away your freedom, your perspective and ultimately influence the way you lead your life. Such relationships are known as unhealthy and harmful relationships. They make you lose yourself and feel choked. Thus, you must closely watch your relationship and try to deal with the unhealthy acts that bind your soul and freedom. (Also read: What are the little things you do in bed that drives him crazy)

Do you love your partner in an unhealthy manner?

You have no call: There are certain partners who think they are the decision makers of your life. They often snatch away from decision-making authority. All you do, need your partner’s approval. You can’t take independent decisions in life. All your choices and decisions are that of your partner’s. If they say no to something you want to do, it’s a no for you too.

You have lost your identity: Losing your identity after being in a relationship, is the worst thing. Loving your partner is a good thing, but there is a need to maintain the individuality as well. Your life is all about your partner, his choices and preferences. Moreover, your partner is all over your life and you have absolutely no ‘ME’ time. (Also read: What are the probable reasons that your ex is ruining your relationship)

Your happiness is dependent on your partner: It is a good thing that your partner can make you happy. But is your partner the only reason you stay happy because of? Well, it’s quite troublesome. You should not be dependent on your partner to make you happy. Find happiness within yourself. you are the sole reason for your happiness, thus you should not compromise for it even a bit.

Your partner is the only choice you have: Some people get into a relationship because they are too scared to stay alone. They have no options or choices in life to stay with someone else or even alone. Thus, they pick anyone and get into a relationship. This is one of the biggest mistake people do. It creates tension between the two and makes you feel trapped.

You lack expressions: The power of your partner is too high in your relationship that you can’t openly express. You submit to what you are asked for. Not just this, you can’t openly confess about your feelings, desires, wants and aspirations. Your entire life is dependent on your boyfriend’s take on it. And gradually you start forgetting yourself as an individual. (Also read: Why do women find bearded men more suitable for long-term relationship)

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