Disturbed marriage: Signs that you are destroying your marriage

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Disturbed marriage

It is important to solve the issues going on in your marriage

Disturbed marriage: Is your marriage also coming across issues and these problems are even growing each passing day? You must be looking the various reasons behind the disturbed married life. It is essential that you dive deep into your own mind and heart to find out the various possible reasons. Sometimes, you make certain mistakes that disturb the whole relationship unknowingly. It becomes difficult to know the issues between the two of you. You both keep on blaming each other and thus finding an appropriate solution for the same becomes difficult. It even heats up the issues more. Let’s discuss various signs that show you are responsible for the destruction of your own marriage. (Also read: If your partner does not talk to about these things, you should break up with them)

This article includes

  • Saying ‘NO’ to everything
  • Never apologizing for your mistake
  • Not controlling your anger
  • Hiding things from each other
  • Not even trying to solve the problems

Disturbed marriage: Signs that you are destroying your marriage

  1. Saying ‘NO’ to everything:
    When your partner asks you for anything, you always deny it and say a ‘NO’. This is the leading cause of differences between the two of you. This is making your relationship fall into depression. There is a rule of ‘Give and Take’ in every relationship. Thus, change this habit of saying NO.
  2. Never apologizing for your mistake:
    You may commit mistakes in the relationship and it is quite natural. No one is perfect in any sense. Making mistakes is not wrong but not accepting mistakes is a bad habit. You must accept your mistake and apologize. This will save your relationship. It is necessary to say ‘SORRY’. To read in detail about it click here.
  3. Not controlling your anger:

    destroying the marriage
    Your anger can lead to a massive destruction to your wedded life

    Your anger can lead to a massive destruction of your wedded lifeEvery person has a different way of expressing their emotions. Many people can’t control their anger or feelings. This makes them burst into anger without considering the situation. If this is happening to you too, then it may harm your marriage. Thus, try to control your anger while talking to someone.

  4. Hiding things from each other:
    There is a need for trust in the relationship. If you are hiding things from your partner and you are feeling insecure then it may harm your relationship. If you do not talk to your partner openly, then it will destroy your marriage.
  5. Not even trying to solve the problems
    Problems in marriage
    Not solving issues might lead to bigger problems in marriage

    Fights and issues are common in the relationship. This makes your relationship even stronger. But not trying to solve the issues after the fight is not at all a good idea. Your partner will not make the first move every time. You will also have to initiate at times and try to root out the problems that are causing issues between the two of you. (Also read: What are the effective ways to maintain the romance in your relationship forever)

    Above-mentioned are few reasons that suggest you are the reasons for the problems in your married life. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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