What are the different types of girls that guys hate to date

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What are the different types of girls that guys hate to date

Trust us, there are certain categories of girls which are not liked by men. Guys literally run away from such girls who annoy them to every bits and piece. Shocked? Well yes, there exists such girls too! We all think that guys like every girl irrespective of what traits and features they posses! However, it is not true! Guys too hold choices and the word ‘Girl’ is not enough to make them go gaga over them. Well, most of us live in this misconception that gi=uys are too crazy for girls and can fall for anyone. However, it is not the case. Listed below are some of the types of girls that are actually hated by guys. (Also read: How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood)

What are the different types of girls that guys hate to date?

Girls who stick to their phone: There are certain girls who always stick to their phones through the entire date or day out. They just can’t skip talking to their bestie even when they are out on a date with their boyfriend. This really is a big turn off for everyone.

Unstable women: Some woman are so flickering in their head that they have got no specific plans in life. They just can’t stick to someone or some of the goals in their life. They keep on fluctuating every now and then and suggest instability. Such girls aren’t even stable in their relationship and keep looking for options. (Also read: What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner)

The ones who lie: Well there is a category of girls who love to ignore the guys. They have this mainstream excuse of losing their phone and all the contacts! They always show up with some new guy and if by chance bump into their ex, all they have to say they have changed their phone! Girls you really need to grow up now!

Girls who show-off: Well, most of us like flaunting what we are. But wait! Are you overdoing it? Few girls flaunt their foreign visit and the new Gucci that they have got. However, they are still living their old life as earlier. It was just a short internship or a family trip that made you go abroad. Now that you are back, stop flaunting and treating people so badly!

A selfie freak: Imagine you are on a date and you keep taking your selfies to the best pose. Won’t it annoy the person sitting next to you? Well, yes there are certain girls who only dress to get clicked and flaunt their outings. They have no value for having some alone time with their boyfriends. And trust us, guys hate such girls!

Girls, who are in a rush: HAve you imagined that you have just exchanged numbers and you already tag yourself as committed? Well, that’s quite creepy! There are some girls who play the game of dating too seriously. exchanging phone numbers is already a step to their wedding venue!

Too clingy girls: Girls who flood you with ample of messages when you are busy or can’t talk for a reason. They don’t value the importance of your time and career. All they do is sit back and drop in meaningless messages to you.

So girls if you possess any of these traits, please grow up otherwise you will end up being single! (Also read: What are the good and the bad reasons for loving someone)

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