What is the difference between love and just attachment

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What is the difference between love and just attachment

Love can be a tricky emotion and often leads to conflicting feelings. Sometimes people confuse infatuation and attraction with the idea of real love. This leads to heartbreak if the feelings are not understood properly. People often say that the idea of love is different for every person. However, there are few clear signs that can help you to understand that love and attachments are indeed different. If you understand the difference between attachments and real love you can protect yourself from a heartache. Let’s find out! (Also read: Why Pillow talk is so important in a relationship)

Love is selfless and attachment is selfish
When you are in love with someone then you try your best to keep the person happy. However, when it just about attachment you focus on your own happiness. You don’t stretch yourself thin in order to bring a smile to your partner’s face. An attachment focus on picking on moments that are easy to obtain, love is about creating them.

Love doesn’t involve ego, attachment does
When you are in love with someone you want the relationship to be better. So, even when you have a conflict with your partner you don’t take to your ego and try to resolve it. In case of a mere attachment or infatuation, any conflict becomes a blow to the ego and it leads to snubbing the ties. (Also read: What are the absolutely valid reasons for a breakup)

Love is everlasting but attachment is fleeting
Love means being there for your partner in sickness and health, for good times and the best. Same can’t be said for attachment. Attachment feeds on happiness when the relationship turns tricky it vanishes.

Love is freeing and attachment is caging
True love believes in being there for your partner not trapping him or her. There is a feeling of trust and understanding in case of love. However, an attachment is not built on complete trust and faith so in case of attachment you want to trap your partner.  (Also read: What are the biggest turn off for men in the bedroom)

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